Your brand is a reflection of your values, people and mission. It is the sum of all your communications. How you communicate with your audiences largely defines your brand.

Is your brand image aligned with your business goals? We can help you make that determination and then make necessary adjustments if the image you project is not in sync with your goals. No one should pretend to be something they are not. No brand should either, but you can make solid choices that ensure your brand is all you need it to be.


Identity is the sum of elements that comprise your brand’s graphic signature. This includes your company name, mark, symbol, logo type, fonts, colors, rules, leading, kerning and architecture. Your brand’s identity includes its uses and applications, from plane tail fins to lapel pins. Wages’ reputation was built on identity design, and our credits are numerous and widely known. The identities Wages creates endure.


What’s this? It is any communication tool that involves design, ink, paper and printing. It requires research, concept development, execution and implementation. It includes writing and print supervision. Great concepts are critical to effective print communication. Just as critical is the production experience that brings the tool to life. We have both.


And this? Interactive is any communication tool that lives in a digital space, such as an interactive online tool and web design. It requires research, concept development, execution and implementation. It includes writing and programming. Great concepts are critical to effective interactive communication, too — as well as the know-how to produce them. We deliver.


Effective packaging arrests consumer attention and informs buying decisions. Responsible packaging is functional and yet has little impact on the environment. This requires the knowledge of and experience with the latest paper, as well as ink and print technology. We have what you need to help your organization meet its sustainability goals.


Exhibits, tradeshows, retail environments — all are environmental design. Although not all environmental design is “green,” it should be. Wages’ knowledge and experience with green materials and production techniques can help you meet your sustainable green build goals.